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In case, anyone was needing or looking for my permission, I give it now. I fully encourage the sharing and reposting of my work. In this age of social media, an artist and/or activist's level of success and exposure depends largely upon how much their work is shared and reposted throughout numerous social mediums. As such, I fully encourage my more active watchers and any who just so happen to favor my work to share it wherever they see fit. Share it on Facebook, share it on Reddit, share it on Tumblr (to which my account had recently been cancelled for some reason), share it on Twitter, share my work on whatever social networks you frequent and help me get my name and message out there.

I've tried doing this myself, but its time-consuming enough just trying to manage this account; let alone all my others. I'm overworked, frequently overwhelmed, and need a little help from you, my fans, if I'm to continue to grow as an artist. So share my work with your friends, share it with your enemies, share it in groups, with parents, teachers, children, co-workers. If you happen to have connections within political circles or independent industry, send my work to influential groups and big wigs. Help this phoenix to fly!

I even give you the permission to copy and repost my work if need be...just make sure you credit me. That's all I ask. Thank you and keep watching for more. :thanks:


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You try to knock me down, but I rise again. Like a phoenix from the ashes always shall I rise. Try to slay me a thousand ways: beat me, shoot me, stab me, blow me up...still do I persevere. I am the might of the flaming sun. I am a million demons from Hell. I am the Prince of Light and Darkness. I know no fear. I yield to no man. I have sworn before the altar of the divine to stand against all forms of tyranny; no matter how mighty they may fancy themselves to be. I am the Spirit of Anarchy here to destroy the tyrants' rein and dispel ignorance and stupidity with boundless knowledge, wisdom, and infallible logic. I am Anarchy's child. Expect me. ^^

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nanashi89 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Did you hear that the Sony hackers forced Sony to ban that "Interview" movie? It may not have been a good movie, but that's beside the point.

If we bow down to dictators over a measly movie today, what will we bow down to them over tomorrow?
IAmTheUnison Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Nothing. Because I bow to no man.
nanashi89 Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
Great attitude!
FlutterCommunist Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Did you know that CNN, Faux news and other corporate media outlets use green screen right? I'll show you a video about CNN using green screen to brainwash the masses and for propaganda purposes.…
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
hey Unison i have 2 questions that i want your honest response on:
1. IF and I repeat IF the next president turns out to be a Democrat and saves the nation in a good way will you support him?
2. What are you political beliefs man? I mean one post your left then right then left then libertarian can you tell me you honest political beliefs? 

if you can answer them please do so i'll be really glad if you did.
IAmTheUnison Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I have answered both of these questions with past pieces I've uploaded.

Neither A Liberal, Nor A Conservative
True Anarchy
Passion For Liberty

But for the sake of clarity, I do not care about a person's political affiliation as that is quite irrevelant. What I care about is truth, liberty, and the preservation of the aforementioned. If, and indeed that is a big and unlikely IF, the next president is a Democrat and rights the wrongs of the current administration I will speak favorable of their deeds, but I would not trust nor throw blind support behind them for I find no wisdom in wasting trust upon those in the political arena.

My political beliefs are that politics can go to Hell. What I care about is sincerity, freedom, common decency, and good will (all of which are political Kryptonite). If any political belief or mandate defies any of these virtues I hold dear then regardless whether it's from the Left or the Right I shall rebuke it and all who would support it.
soulessone12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
ah i see thank you for your time
IAmTheUnison Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
No problem. Sorry for the great delay in response.
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nanashi89 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014…
UN Arms Trade Treason Alert For December
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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